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Battross Article December 30, 2000 NASA Caught In a Cover Up? by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Earlier today Nasa posted an article debunking yesterdays photograph of a meteor caught on film near Big Bend National Park. Nasa states it was "glints of morning sunlight on the lens". Then they go on to show their evidence which they claim supports their theory. So let's take a look at what they have.

* First we have their claim that it was a "glint from morning sunlight"

* Second we have someone named "Kevin Palivec" who nasa claims was "contributed by a reader", who claims is the same footage which caught the meteor. Now how a "reader" can get a hold of footage owned by Big Bend National Park was not mentioned, much less verified, investigated, or otherwise given explanation in any way. We are simply to believe Nasa puts their full weight and trust to someone named "Kevin Palivec" who they describe as simply "a reader".

Folks, is there salmon on the barbecue, I just got a whiff of something fishy.

* Third we have Nasa showing this so called verified footage that shows a 45 minute spanning of the skyline. Well low and behold, the footage is simply the meteor played backward. Notice how the photos get darker as the frames progress. In fact, the frames would be getting brighter as the film moves forward in time.

Hey, are those fish ready to be turned over yet, I'm hungry.'

Fireball Footage

* Forth we have the owner of the website "I Love Parks"; shows not one shred of evidence which suggest anything resembling a retraction. To the contrary, the web site owner "I Love Parks", has documented even further evidence suggesting it was in fact a "Bolide". You just have to read this one.

Fireball On Webcam

Video Loop

This Just In!

Well well folks, look who just might be our mystery man who came out of nowhere, but Nasa says is simply "a reader" who just happened to somehow get what we are to believe is the original footage from Big Bend National Park. One Mr. Kevin Palivec is a professional computer graphics designer specializing in animated gifs. Kevin Palivec: http://www.google.com/search?q=Kevin+Palivec&chk=on

Disclaimer: This recent breaking news regarding Mr. Palivec has not been confirmed. Even though he has answered my email asking him about the photos, stating "What would you like to know", he has not yet answered my questions. It may be that he has just been advised not to answer any further questions. This information was obtained from Google search engine as well as "People Finder" and is deemed public information.

You make the decision! If this incredible finding is true and factual, which I believe it to be, the question yet to be answered is

"What Is NASA Hiding?"

Remember folks, follow your truth, not mine or anyone else.

Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV